As an IT services provider, you need software that does more for your clients and takes your business where you want it to go. Serve your clients and protect their businesses better, from anywhere, with SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM). It’s time to level up.

Remote Monitoring & Management

One of the benefits of managed IT services: saving time by solving problems from your office, not theirs. SolarWinds® RMM allows you to remotely monitor every workstation and server from a single dashboard. And with our automated checks and notifications, you’ll know about problems in customer networks early so you can solve them quickly.

From a single dashboard, you can monitor and control:

Network & IP monitoring Windows, Mac, and Linux OS updates VMware
Logged in users Active Directory Mobile devices

Take Control and Remote Background Management

You can’t protect what you can’t control. SolarWinds® RMM’s remote access features — Take Control and Remote Background Management — allow you to identify and fix any issue, with any endpoint, from anywhere, without disrupting the end-user. These features allow you control of:

  • Moving, copying, and deleting files remotely
  • Mapping network drives, editing the registry, and installing software
  • Viewing running processes and killing non-responsive ones
  • Viewing service dependencies and add a Windows service check

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Your growth depends on your ability to protect your clients’ systems at every turn. SolarWinds® RMM’s integrated, best-in-class features can keep your clients secure and help you prove it. That’s a recipe for long-term success in managed security. The features include:

  • IP address blacklisting to block unauthorized users
  • Two-factor authentication to prevent access via password theft
  • Risk Intelligence, which can help on the path to meeting HIPAA’s Evaluation requirement
  • LOGICcards, a big data alert system for global and local security threats
  • Features that help your clients qualify for ISO 270001 certification

Single Dashboard

SolarWinds SolarWinds® RMM’s most powerful benefit is its single dashboard, which allows you to manage, monitor, and secure your clients’ networks in an all-in-one window.

Many other products lack the breadth of SolarWinds® RMM’s integrated features, requiring you to supplement with separate backup or antivirus programs. But SolarWinds® RMM brings all the tools you need under one roof, and into one dashboard. It integrates every feature we offer and makes your workday more efficient — which in turn promotes faster growth.

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Managed Antivirus

Cyber attacks are a constant. With SolarWinds® RMM’s managed antivirus feature, you can protect your clients’ systems from malware, ransomware, and emerging virus threats automatically. Turn the threat of cyber crime into an opportunity to prove your worth with cutting-edge security features like:

  • Daily automatic updates
  • Signature-based protection
  • Sophisticated heuristic checks
  • Behavioral scanning

It’s your turn to win. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with SolarWinds® RMM.

Web Protection and Monitoring

Your end-users face threats every day simply by browsing the web. Whether it’s a phishing site or a potential drive-by malware download, SolarWinds® RMM’s web protection and monitoring feature gives you powerful, easy-to-use protection that keeps your clients’ workforces safe and productive. You can block them from compromising websites and prevent them from accidentally downloading destructive malware with features like:

  • Content-filtering policies
  • Website blacklists and whitelists
  • Time-based browsing policies

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Patch Management

When you manage multiple clients with many endpoints and servers, keeping all of their applications up to date can become a hassle — or a liability if you can’t do it consistently. SolarWinds® RMM’s patch management feature allows you to quickly and easily update software programs in bulk across all your managed networks. You can even automatically pre-approve critical security updates, so you can protect your clients and make your business operations more efficient.

If you’re looking for comprehensive patch management that reaches more endpoints, more easily, it’s time to find out what cutting-edge really looks like. Try SolarWinds SolarWinds® RMM today.

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