Email attacks are responsible for 70% – 90% of all malicious data breaches1—it provides easy access to victims, and emails can easily be forged or faked. In a nutshell, cybercriminals love it.

Your customers expect you to keep them safe. As an MSP, your reputation—and your business—depend on it. We’re here to help. Join David Weeks, director of sales, December 3, as he discusses how to better protect your customers against cybercriminals, including:

  • Social engineering techniques on email
  • The top three prevention tips you can use to help protect your customers
  • Best practices using SolarWinds® Mail Assure as an additional layer of protection

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David Weeks

David Weeks
Director of Sales

Full Details:

Social Engineering: Prevention Tips & Best Practices
December 3, 2019
10am to 11am EST

1 “I Can Phish Anyone,” KnowBe4: (Published October 2019, Accessed October 2019)