All the IT Tools You Need in One Dashboard

No one loves juggling multiple pieces of software.

SolarWinds® RMM gives you a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently secure, maintain, and improve IT in a single dashboard, including:

  • Patch management
  • Web protection
  • Prescriptive data analytics
  • Data-breach risk intelligence
  • Managed antivirus
  • Remote access
  • Automated monitoring and maintenance
  • Backup and recovery

Accomplish More Each Day with Automation

When you work in IT, your to-do list can seem never-ending. But with SolarWinds RMM, you can cross off more tasks per day. Out of the box, RMM can automatically run daily safety checks, clean out temp files, and perform system restarts when needed. And you can set the system to pre-approve patches, back up files on a given schedule, and update antivirus for you. Beyond that, you can leverage our drag-and-drop editor that lets you easily create scripts for tasks like onboarding, system maintenance, and problem remediation—all without writing a line of code.

Put More Muscle into Your IT Security

From malware to phishing, denial-of-service attacks to drive-by downloads, businesses face daunting security challenges that pose truly frightening fiscal threats. SolarWinds RMM provides multiple layers of security—including best-in-class antivirus, web protection, device discovery, network monitoring tools, and backup and recovery—to help protect businesses at all angles. With RMM, IT service providers can move upstream into managed security services, and IT professionals can feel more comfortable about their IT security.

Improve Your IT with Data-Driven Insights You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

If you had the right data and professional data scientists analyzing it, you could make better, more informed decisions that positively impact your IT. SolarWinds RMM can help give you this power. By analyzing over five million endpoints across hundreds of thousands of networks in real-time, RMM’s LOGICcards deliver powerful insights to your dashboard to help make you a better IT professional. For example, your dashboard can alert you to trends happening halfway around the globe, such as patches with high failure rates or emerging security threats, empowering you to make informed decisions in near real-time. It’s like having a data scientist working around the clock to give you insights that help make you a better IT professional.

A Platform that Grows with You

As you grow your business, you need a platform that grows with you at each step. Not every customer wants the same services—that’s why you pay only for what you use, on a per-client basis. What if one client doesn’t use web protection? You don’t pay for it. Our modular pricing gives you the flexibility to expand services as needed instead of locking you into a contract. In short, RMM will meet you where you are—whatever stage of business you’re in.

SolarWinds MSP provides the automation - it's really at the heart of the efficiency of our company

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