Email—you can’t work without it, and you certainly can’t afford email-borne attacks or downtime. While cloud-based email servers, like Microsoft Office 365, can help streamline business communication, relying on a single point of failure can leave your customers vulnerable.

SolarWinds® Mail Assure eliminates that dependency, offering an extra layer of protection and built-in email continuity to reduce downtime and help protect against human error—like accidentally deleting those critical financial records.

Our white paper, Protecting Office 365 with SolarWinds Mail Assure, takes a deeper dive into:

  • The current email threat landscape
  • Vulnerabilities of a cloud-based email service
  • Benefits of a cloud-based security solution

With Mail Assure, your customers can rest easy knowing they have an extra level of protection against spam, malware, and email-borne threats. Get the white paper today to learn more.

If you would like more information on SolarWinds Mail Assure, you can contact sales or start a trial.