Tim Brown
VP of Security
SolarWinds MSP

The “New Different”:
Keeping Cybersecurity at the Forefront of Rapid Change

We’re already in the next phase of digital transformation. We’ve been forced by COVID-19 to rethink, virtually overnight, how we work and live with technology. We’ve quickly shifted beyond the digitization of things like travel, shopping, and ordering food. As we’ve had to embrace rapid work-form-home models and a world where six feet apart is the closest we can get, everything is now transforming quickly to a much more highly distributed mindset. With this “new different” comes a parallel need to ensure that we’re keeping the distributed environment safe and secure.

This presentation will examine some of the most critical aspects of the current digital landscape, and how it is impacting cybersecurity practitioners as they seek to keep pace with accelerated change. Adversaries are busier than ever looking for a way to transform their operations to also keep pace. Tim Brown, vice president of security for SolarWinds, will discuss the three key things to keep in mind when trying to stop them from succeeding:

  • Protect most what’s most important
  • Don’t forget the basics
  • The network no longer exists. 

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