Compliance 101: What Every MSP Should Know About Compliance

The immense digital transformation we’re undergoing has brought us challenges and risk, but also opportunity. Compliance will become one of the biggest opportunities as we see new regulations around security and privacy come into play at accelerated rates.

In this presentation, SolarWinds Vice President of Security Tim Brown and SolarWinds Senior Security and Compliance Program Manager Kellie Pierce, will provide an overview of compliance and its different roles, walk through how to prepare for an audit, and examine the opportunity that compliance provides as a differentiator.

For MSPs, the time has never been greater to embrace this opportunity within their portfolio for even greater growth and partnered success.

Session Presented By:

Tim Brown
Tim Brown
VP of Security, SolarWinds MSP
Tim Brown
Kellie Pierce
Senior Security and Compliance Program Manager
SolarWinds MSP

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