Cybercriminals constantly evolve. When the industry handles one threat, criminals vary their methods. To top it off, viruses don’t always look like viruses until they start doing damages. That damage could cost you customers.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce you to SolarWinds® Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), powered by SentinelOne® that provides advanced protection via machine learning and AI for your customers.

Join us for our webinar on Wednesday, October 16, where our expert, Eric Anthony will cover:

  • Why traditional antivirus alone may no longer cut it in the current threat landscape
  • How SolarWinds EDR can help you detect threats that would bypass traditional antivirus programs
  • How EDR can help you easily roll back damages from threats—including registry entries and encrypted files

Your customers expect you to keep them safe. Can you afford to risk losing their business because you missed a threat?

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Eric Anthony:
Principal of Customer Experience
SolarWinds MSP

Full Details:

SolarWinds Endpoint Detection and Response Webinar
Oct 16, 2019
13:30 to 14:30 CEST