Marc-André Tanguay
Head Automation Nerd

Boot Camp:

RMM Optimization

Format: 2.5-hour online session.

Cost: Free

It can be hard to find time to improve your own operations when you’re spending your time taking care of your clients’. Eventually you discover that if you improve your own operations you can spend less time taking care of your clients’ environments. Join, RMM Automation Nerd, Marc-André Tanguay, as he provides recommendations and best practices for the RMM dashboard that will make your work-life easier.

This session will cover:

Topics covered include:

  • How to automate common workflows
  • Free up hours of labor with Weekly Maintenance routines
  • Bringing 24x7 and DSC checks under control to reduce noise
  • Combining Checks and Tasks to reduce workloads and improve resilience with auto-healing
  • Review how to leverage other features of RMM to maximize efficiency

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